Setting Keyboard Layout to US in Chinese Traditional (Hong Kong) Language for Windows 8

I used to have US keyboard layout with my Chinese language but since Windows 8, it is just not possible. When you click the Option, you can only see all Chinese input method, but none with US keyboard layout. It is frustrating when to manage two languages with each containing one input method. It wasn’t a matter to me as I am not a Windows 8 user until I have to work on Windows Server 2012 and face this problem, especially on a server without GUI. I found my way to configure the language setting using PowerShell, and along with that I also found a way to include US keyboard layout in Chinese Traditional (Hong Kong) language as well. End up the solution to have the above screenshot result is ironically by PowerShell script, not by GUI. Anyway below is the PowerShell script that I used. You can also access the code at

Edit 2015-08-10: For some reason the below code is altered by WordPress during display, resulting the code not workable. If that is the case for you, try access the code using the link above.

# Won't work on Windows 7
# WARNING: This will clear your language list setting
$langList = New-WinUserLanguageList zh-Hant-HK
# Keyboard layout: US
Set-WinUserLanguageList $langList