sleepbot-to-sleep_as_android is Released!

I was a user of Sleepbot since 2013. However it was abandoned by the developer later on and no more new release for a few years. I tried to check their blog but no reason found behind this.

Anyway I was still using Sleepbot until my Nexus 5X was dead, due to the infamous bootloop (but what the news said, LG did repaired my phone) and I lost a month of data even I have do regular backup. Coincidentally I saw Sleep as Android on the editor choice of Google Play a few days ago before the phone dead, so I decided to switch to something else.

After comparing with Sleep as Android and Sleep Better with Runtastic, I decided to got for Sleep as Android because what I need is just sleep tracking, I don’t need alarm and it seems Sleep Better with Runtastic has no way use sleep tracking without an alarm.

So now I am using Sleep as Android, and then I did a quick search to see if there is any methods to import the data from Sleepbot. In the documentation, it did mention someone made a Ruby script for import data, which convert the exported file from However I didn’t use cloud save so it just doesn’t work for me. So based on that script, I wrote my own version which convert the exported file from the app itself instead to a file that can be imported in Sleep as Android. So that is the why the script is here. The reason why I used Python is just because I have very little knowledge with Ruby.

Enough for the background information. Anyway you can find the script and more technical details at the project page.


PS: I just found that there is no annual report from WordPress in year 2016!


Fixing no Notification on new Hangout app on Android Phone

A few months back, Google released Hangout app on Android which replaced the old Google Talk app. The new Hangout app is good, but in some case you might found that you did not receive any notification when new message came.

After some trial and error, I found that it is actually related to the notification sound in which the Hangout app shows that you have selected a notifications sound but actually none was selected behind the scene.

So to fix the issue, here is the step:

  1. In your Hangout app, go to Setting and select your account
  2. Click on the notification sound for hangout notification. You will notice that although it displayed a sound to play, when the list of sound is shown, the default selection is actually map to no sound
  3. Select the sound you want to play
  4. Repeat step 2 and step 3 for video call as well if you need to