I was preparing to set up another new servers running RHEL6 with channel bonding and got a chance to retouch what I have wrote.

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Notice: The article is for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.7 and 6.2. It may also suitable for other newer version of Red Hat.

This article is inspired by this article.


  • You have a fresh installed server running RHEL
  • The server has two Ethernet interface eth0 and eth1
  • The server has no bond device set up before
  • You want to configure eth0 and eth1 to be load balancing or active-standby
  • You will use static IP for the network connection

Step 1: Add a bond device configuration file

2012-06-11 Edit 1: Till now I am still wondering if MACADDR or HWADDR should be specified in the configuration file because in sample configuration file in the Red Hat official document here it does not contain such fields. At this stage I would recommend not specifying both MACADDR and HWADDR unless you run into physical address conflict problem.

2012-06-11 Edit…

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