vzClock 2.1.1 Published!

vzClock App IconWell while I was working on the old vClcok to add 4×2 widget, I discovered a bug in vzClock in handling 2 widgets of different size. Not sure if this is lucky or not, this bug will never happen on some Android because a bug on Android which prevent it from happening! I cannot rule out that there are some other Android OS from other vender which actually discovered and fixed the bug so I am releasing a new version to fix the bug.

Below is a change log in version 2.1.1:

  • [Fix] Fixed a bug when user delete all widget of one type, the another type of widget will stop working
  • [Change] Minor UI change

vClock 1.4 Published!

vClock App IconMy friend recently asked me if this app got a larger clock for him. This feature is already exists in my new vzClock but sadly his phone is Samsung Galaxy S which is still running Android 2.x. I thought it would be easy to add a 4×2 widget without redesigning but end up spending around 3 hours. Anyway here is the new release and help some other people who want a 4×2 widget are happy as well.

Below is a change log in version 1.4:

+ Added 4×2 size widget
! Bugs fix

vzClock 2.1.0 Published!

vzClock App IconRecently while I was browsing the Internet I went back to Google Play Developer Console and found out that a user has submitted a crash report over a week ago. It is a sad that there is no options for me to receive notification on new crashes report. The crash report is actually submitted by user of the old version app vClock. I drill down to the cause and found out that this vzClock also have the problem. I am quite curious under what condition will this bug occur as this bug should not happen in normal usage. One possible guess is the user upgraded their Android OS and setting has been retained. Anyway bug has been fixed along with some other bugs fix which I discovered along the way and also some enhancement according to the comment on the Play Store.

Below is a change log in version 2.1.0:

  • [New] Added more date format to choose
  • [Fix] Fixed a bug that the app may crash when user upgrade their Android OS
  • [Fix] Fixed a bug that incorrect UI is shown before the 2×1 widget finished loading
  • [Change] Minor UI change

vzClock 2.0.0 Published!

vzClock App IconAfter several month of working, finally a new version of vzClock is ready with many new features. Yes! It is now named as vzClock instead of the old name vClock to avoid conflict with other existing trademark. A new icon is used as well! I am not too good in graphic design but still I hope the icon looks good to you. Go and get a copy of the new vzClock at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hk.zst.vzclock.

Below is a change log in version 2.0.0:

* Renamed from vClock to vzClock
+ Background can be changed now
+ Added more date format to choose from
+ Application to launch on click the widget is now selectable
+ Added font scale to maximize capability on different devices
+ Added horizontal resize to workaround some text being truncated under some conditions
+ Updated for Android 4.0+
+ Added preview image in widget selection page
– Dropped support to Android 3.x and below

vClock 1.2 Published!

vClock App IconWell my friend installed the app and I found that it is not working as expected because he is using a Samsung Android phone with different built-in alarm clock. Because there is no standard API for calling the alarm (not until API 9 seems) and therefore the app need to relies on the package name and class name for calling the alarm. Anyway here fixed the Samsung and probably Sony phone.

Below is a change log in version 1.2:

! Fixed not able to launch alarm setting page on some Samsung, Sony Android phones
! Fixed possible crash when the alarm setting page is not found
! Fixed a bug in displaying incorrect 12/24 hour format when changing system language

vClock 1.1 Published!

vClock App IconMy curiously let me found out some bugs in the app. I was looking on the statistic and found that there are Android phone using language Turkish and Swedish downloaded and installed my app. I therefore tried out setting my app to those languages and found some bugs… T_T Anyway bugs fixed.

Below is a change log in version 1.1:

! Fixed a bug in displaying incorrect 12/24 hour format on preview widget when 24 hour format is used
! Fixed a bug in not showing correct date separator according to language settings
! Fixed a bug in displaying incorrect 12/24 hour format when changing system language