Adding Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 Installation Disc as YUM Package Repository

Notice: This guide is for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 only. It may not work on other versions of Red Hat.

There are times that after you have installed the OS and found that you have forgotten to install some of the packages during the initial set up. But for some reasons your only source of packages is only the installation disc you have. Here is the way to make the packages on the disc available as yum package repository.

Just create a new file under the directory /etc/yum.repos.d with any file name ended with extension .repo. For example:


and have the file configured to point to the installation disc. For example:

name=Red Hat Enterprise Linux Installation Disc
baseurl="file:///media/RHEL_6.2 x86_64 Disc 1"

Be sure to change the /media/RHEL_6.2 x86_64 Disc 1 with the path pointing to your installation disc in case it is different from the one here!