vzMediaScan 1.0.0 Published!

vzMediaScan App Icon

This app has been ready for sometime but it lack an icon. I was waiting for one from my friend but now, the date will never come. Anyway I got no graphical skill for the icon design and therefore just use a simple text as the icon.

I was using Nexus S before and after switching to Nexus 4, I encountered a problem that the deleted files sometimes still appear in the file explorer on the PC. It is the problem that the media store is not updated. There are a number of apps that helps to force a media scan, but none of them is able to set a schedule to scan automatically. Therefore here is a little app I wrote for myself to set the scheduled scan and forget the out-of-sync media store when I need to access the file from PC.

You can download the app from the below link after Google has finish processing my new published app.