Removing non-essential Files from Visual Basic 2010 Compiled Output

By default the compiled output from Visual Basic 2010 comes with several non-essential files for debugging. If you want to remove them from the output folder, here is the article about it.


Normally the compiled output will have the following files:

Visual Basic Compiled Output

  • A compiled executable (.exe)
  • A database with debug information (.pdb)
  • A debug executable for debugging purpose (.vshost.exe)
  • A configuration file for the debug executable (.vshost.exe.manifest)
  • A documentation file (.xml)

Most of the time you will only need the compiled executable.

Disable Generating .pdb

1. Go to project Properties, Compile tab, and click the Advance Compile Options button.

Compile Tab of Project Property

2. In Advanced Compiler Settings dialog, choose None in Generate debug info.

Advanced Compiler Settings

Disable Generating .vshost.exe and .vshost.exe.manifest

1. Go to project Properties, Debug tab.

2. Uncheck the option Enable the Visual Studio hosting process.

Debug Tab of Project Properties

Disable Generating Documentation File .xml

In some version of the Visual Studio there is an option to disable the generation of documentation file in Compile tab of the project Properties. However I couldn’t find this in my Visual Basic 2010 Express and as a result I got to edit the project file using Notepad.

1. Open the Visual Basic Project file .vbproj using text editor.

2. Remove the XML node with tag DocumentationFile.

Visual Basic Project File


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